Ankle Ulcers

Ankle Ulcers | PRP Therapy Los Angeles

Ankle ulcers are open foot sores that appear as shallow, red craters that rest on the surface of the skin. When left untreated for prolonged periods of time, the surface layers of skin can thin out severely and cause the crater to extend through the full thickness of the skin. This may include visibility of tendons, ligaments and other deep structures below the skin.

In most cases, ankle ulcers are due to underlying problems causing chronic leg and foot ulcers are through disease of veins within the leg. However, there are other conditions that can lead to ankle ulcers, but these are the most common causes of leg and foot ulcers:

  • Venous disease – caused by veins not functioning properly
  • Arterial disease – arteries functioning improperly
  • Neurotrophic – Caused by injury and medical conditions such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and other rare conditions

Fortunately, there are non-surgical methods of repair that can eliminate the appearance of ankle ulcers and promote healing. Platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy is one of the most dependable solutions used to solve a variety of foot conditions and injuries that have traditionally required surgery.

Control Over Risk Factors

There are a number of symptoms that can arise when people develop deep ankle ulcers. Swelling of the lower limbs is common and pain or discomfort is experienced in most patients. But, if the ulcers become infected, they may develop into an abscess and resist treatment or preventive care. Just like everything that poses a harmful threat in a person’s life, there are risk factors that most patients have the ability to control. Some of the controlling risk factors that may help prevent or reduce ankle ulcers include:

  • Blood pressure management
  • Dietary changes for balanced blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels
  • Limit sodium intake
  • Managing diabetes and health conditions
  • Exercise and avoiding sedentary activity
  • Weight loss if obesity is an issue
  • Quit smoking

PRP Therapy for Ankle Ulcers

Platelet rich plasma therapy is an emerging regenerative medical procedure that treats both acute and chronic soft tissue injuries. It involves removing a small amount of blood and separating platelet cells that are required t o accelerate the body’s natural healing response. The reason why PRP therapy is chosen for ankle ulcers is that aging tissues lack the proper blood circulation and growth factors that our bodies naturally possessed at a younger age. With these platelets, they contain hundreds of growth factors to help stimulate natural tissue repair instead of being stuck in the non-healing phase.

PRP therapy begins with blood withdrawal from the patient and placed this collection in a centrifugal system to separate the platelets from the other blood cells. Once the platelets are separated they are injected into the surrounding tissues of the ankle ulcer.

Relief from PRP platelets begins within a few hours of the injection and continues to improve the regeneration of the soft tissues over a 12-month period.

Schedule A Consultation for PRP Therapy Los Angeles

If you believe you are developing an ulcer or in need of treatment advice for ankle ulcers, then it is recommended to visit an experienced foot doctor Los Angeles patients choose most. At our office we diagnose and treat patients with common ankle ulcers and unresponsive open sores of the foot. PRP therapy is a common procedure that does not complicate or interfere with a patient’s daily activities when performed successfully. Contact our foot and ankle surgeon to learn more about your options for PRP therapy.

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